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What is the Wisdom Connection Training?

This wisdom connection training is an awenydd (shamanic) training. It is an empowerful and comprehensive program that gently guides individuals on a transformative journey of inner, nature and universal wisdom connection. It is a journey of self-healing and self-empowerment, and if you choose to complete all directions and the reflective journals, it can also be a journey of an awenydd practitioner in this field, assisting others access inner, nature and universal wisdom for transformation and personal growth.

The journey is that of four winds, begins at the south (level 4). Some choose just to do the south with the wonderful depths that brings. Some will continue to the west (level 5), north (level 6), and east (level 7) for even deeper work.

Each direction is around 42 hours, adapted to each individual group needs. Each direction offers unique supportive and empowering qualities, from the protection, wisdomkeeper connection, pattern releasing and bodywisdom connections amongst the practices of the south, the generational ancestric pattern release and soul quality integration amongst the practices of the west, to the soul life essence retrieval, ceremony, release of being bound by words and roles of the north, to the transcendence of the east.


There are options to the training:


It is one and a half hours a week during term time, with about half an hour integration work between those sessions. For more information and to register, please see the Eventbrite:

In Connah's Quay:
This is one day a month during term time, with at least an hour or two practice in between sessions. 
For more information and to register, please see the Eventbrite: 

This training is also available one-to-one at £40 an hour or as a small group for slightly more. between you. For more information please Whatsapp: 07472266952 or book online.

Inclusivity is important to me, and I welcome individuals from all walks of life who share a respect for others. This includes members of our LGBT+ community, naturists, individuals of all ethnicities and abilities, those of us with neurodiversity and those neurotypical, those of all genders, and those who identify as gender-free. This is offered by donation, with a suggested minimum donation £10 an hour with equivalent skillshare also accepted. This is to be prepaid to confirm your place and can be paid in installments if needed. Places are limited to 10-12 people.


Each session is essential, and sessions build step by step on previous sessions, so if you do find you have to miss a session, you are asked to take the initiative to arrange the catchup for an extra suggested donation before the next session to continue the journey.   

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