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What is the Wisdom Connection Training?

This wisdom connection training is an awenydd (a word similar to the term shamanic) training. It is an empowerful and comprehensive program that gently guides individuals on a transformative journey of inner, nature and universal wisdom connection. It is an experiential journey of deep learning about ourselves and the world around us, it is one of self-healing, great insights and self-empowerment, and if you choose to complete the four levels and the reflective journals, it can also be a journey of a professional practitioner in this field.

The main journey is symbolised by four directions, the south (level 4) west (level 5), north (level 6), and east (level 7).


Each direction is around 42 hours, adapted to each individual group needs.


Each part offers unique supportive and empowering qualities. 

The south shares practices that can assist us see the world from a range of wisdom connections and perspectives that are beneficial in personal and professional work. It also shares practices that can assist us not take on the weight of other people's problems that do not belong to us. With strong foundations, we learn ways to let go of what we may have been carrying in our psyche that is affecting us, and to hold space for others to do so, so that we can step into places of relaxation, inner peace, and gain knowledge from experience. We learn ways to accept and then release patterns that have followed us through parts, or all of our lives, and find gifts of empowerment that can assist us move forward to what matters to us. We also learn ways to accept, understand and let go from what we have taken on that is affecting the body, and directly learn from our body wisdom.


The following directions work deeper again with the personal psyche, and also extends to the generational, societal and universal psyche. We also further develop our ability to learn directly from nature and to create meditations and ceremony. 


There are options to the training:


This training is available online, in one and a half hour sessions..

In Person:
This training is available in person, with flexibility around the length of the sessions (minimums one and a half hours at time)

In groups:

Working in groups offer a wonderful opportunity to connect and support each other in a community.

One to one:
One to one enables an even more flexible to you approach.


How to apply:
You can apply through arranging a call or meet up with Katherine on 07472266952 and also through this application form: . Upon completion, we will be in touch with future dates that may be most suitable for you. 


Inclusivity is a core value for me, and I extend a warm invitation to individuals from all walks of life who embrace a culture of respect and kindness. This encompasses members of our LGBTQIA+ community, individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds, naturists, those with neurodiversity, as well as neurotypical individuals, people of all genders, and those identifying as gender-free.

Who is this Training for?/Research:

As part of my MSc, I completed a dissertation that explores the question of who this type of training may be beneficial for and why. This dissertation encompasses previous studies in this field, and adds to the knowledge using an adaption of realistic evaluation. If you would like to read more about this, there is a link here:

Dissertation Why do people use shamanic practices as a form of CAM.pdf


Some excerpts of the literature review can be found here: 


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