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About us

Finding inspiration in Every Turn

At Creuynni we value psychological, physiological, societal, and ecological health as true wealth to cultivate.
Self-care, earth care, people care, and fair-share are among our guiding principles towards this.

The more each is in the best health that they can be, from a perspective of universal connection, the even better the world we live in can be.
We have found through experience that working to improve our own health can benefit not only ourselves, but also those around us, and wider communities.

Meet The Team

Our Story

The story of Creuynni began with visions and insights combined with severe, disabling illness after what ought to have been a routine gallbladder operation. Katherine came out of that operation more disabled than she went in, with chronic, paralyzing yet also writhing nerve pain that spread all through her peripheral nerves, affecting her whole body except her head. The medical professionals were at a loss and said that Katherine would have to live with it. One said it would get worse. Fortunately, Katherine did not accept that prognosis., and worked to get better. It took years of struggling and trying everything including mind over matter, before Katherine finally found the self-healing work.  The progress was slow, yet noticeable. With each turn, came inspiration and gifts to assist in health, well-being, and quality of life. Gradually Katherine regained the ability to walk more than just a few meters at times, the ability to dance, swim, travel, study, and eventually work.  The training Katherine took was initially for self-healing, with a choice between staying bedbound with nerve pain for life or trying the training, there was not much choice. However, Katherine quickly became a practitioner, followed by becoming a teacher and mentor in this work. With this came the forming of Creuynni, to support others with their health and wellbeing. 

The name Creuynni is Cymraeg for Creating Energy - a nod to that infinite co-creating potential within us for self-healing and wisdom connection.

Over the years Katherine has been joined in Creuynni by partner Brian. More recently  y Creuynni students  Dr. Andrew Parsons and Emma Hodgett have joined the team, assisting facilitate regular meditation sessions..

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