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What are the meditations?

Research suggests meditation may have psychological, physiological, and relational benefits (Aman et al., 2018; He et al., 2015; Katterman et al., 2014; Kasala et al, 2014; Hofmann and Gomez, 2017). Meditations can be worked with for relaxation, release, rejuvenation, connection, and self-learning. 

At Creuynni we work with a spectrum of meditation practices. These practices can assist connection to ourselves and to the world around us in a gently held. With these practices, there is an opportunity to directly learn from inner, nature and universal wisdom, and gain insights to assist us in our lives.

Meditations are offered regularly, in person and online. To view and register the latest live meditation events, please see the Eventbrite page: 

Meditation audiobooks are also available for free/donation. They are available via the main podcast platforms including:


Google Podcast: ttps://



To learn more about these meditation practices, and learn how to facilitate meditations yourselves, there is a full training program that shares this and more to assist health and well-being.

Next training starting October:
In Connah's Quay: 


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