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What is innerwork?

Innerwork sessions are based on a depth of wisdom connection practices.

In these sessions we work side by side, to gentle guide and find answers held in the subconscious, conscious and supraconscious.


Together we find roots of unhealthy patterns, blocks that impact us in unbenefiical ways in our lives. In working to release and transform these, we co-create new ways of living and being that are beneficial to ourselves and those around us.


Which kind of conditions is this for?

As this work is working with inner ability to heal within themselves, the potential is far reaching for those that are open to this deep process. Clients I have worked with one to one, in workshops and the full training include those with depression, fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, PTSD, psychosis, relationship breakdown, sense of loss, panic attacks, suicidal ideation, addiction, endometriosis, overcoming the after effects of abuse, domestic, physical, emotional, sexual, non-beneficial generational patterns, a feeling of being stuck, a feeling of heaviness or feeling drained, and many other diagnoses and experiences.


What happens in a session?

‘Connecting with Sacred Space
Sometimes this is done before you arrive, sometimes with you. This is to have a space of focus and alignment where we can safely let go and release anything that you wish to release.


Opening the virracocha. 
This is like a personal sacred space, that the practitioner opens over themselves, and then over you. Helping with connection and safety.


Choosing a stone.
Working with a medicine stone provides a tangible focus, that can assist the letting go of what you would like to bring in, the questions that you might have, and also can hold the gift, the healing piece you may find come.


Sitting side by side (in person or virtually when by audiocall), there is a small sharing of what you would like to work with, how it is affecting your life now, and if you have experienced that before. In this you can share as much or as little as you like, and you listened to without judgement of you or anyone around you that you may share about. It is also free from attachment, you let it go, the practictioner lets it go

Letting it go
This begins in the intake in a small amount, then goes deeper later on. Working with the chosen stone, we blow into the stone what we are feeling, what we are noticing. From the stone, the intention is that this goes to the earth.. The analogy is how the food waste, turns into beautiful compost – nourishment for the earth and grow great trees, so too can we let go what is ready to let go, and grow the new. . 

Tracking the energy centres.

A link between the mind and the body, we check energy centres, to find which one to put the stone on. It is said that what attracts certain things into our lives are imprints – like computer programming – attracting certain patterns, experiences, events, stories into our lives. These imprints are thought to be connected to the energy centres (also known as chakras) – that seem to provide a gateway into our pysche and what is stored there.

Holding the deepening points
The practictioner then comes round to sit behind the person laying down and holds the deepening points in the head; two points underneath the occipital ridge on the back of the head that the hands do tend to go to when holding someone’s head.

Being held as you release deeper
You are held in sacred space (as in the first step), in our personal sacred space (know as the virrococha) and with our hands on the deepening points of your head, and with the breathe too as we match our breath with yours. Helping us be where you are. 

The breathing, holding space and additional interventions.
And the breath – becomes the transporter of releasing that which we wish to release. As we breathe in what we are experiencing, feeling, any images, memories, sensations that come up, breathing that breath up through the nose – then breathe these through the mouth out to the stone – and again from the stone to the earth. As we do so clearing what we have held on to that is beneficial to release and clearing the imprint that attracted. As part of this, over a number of sessions, there are a number of practices that may come in to assist including cord cutting, generational pattern release, soul part retrieval, past life release, dense energy release, fluid energy release, attached entity release, role release and transition processes.

Stepping into Infinity/The Awen/That we wish to bring in

Coming into deep relaxation, infinity peace.  Allowing the coming in of what is now coming in, rewriting the imprint with pure potential energy and/or rewriting with a gift, an ability, a learning, an insight, an access to inner wisdom, a self-empowerment that can assist us in our greater life journeys.

Grounding the Gift in/Bringing into the physical.
From working at the source of the stream, we work to increasingly bring this to the physical world. This can include:
Bringing the gits in in the minds eye.
Bringing the gifts in physically reaching out.
Decoupling exercise: A small guided practice for grounding and centering.
Mythic mapping:  Bringing the gifts into a physical space, often with physical objects to represent these gifts. Physically stepping in, and gaining a physical awareness of how it feels to be in this space. This can include images, words, movement – all that can remind us of what we are bringing it – watering this seed that has been planted by this experience – so that it can grow in our lives.

Thanking sacred space.
Simply giving gratitude for this space.

Aftercare/growing the gift
Writing, drawing, creating a song, a painting – any of this to assist us remember the gifts, insights, learning, self-empowerment, healing pieces can also help this grow in our worlds.

Drinking plenty of water, and light foods.
Magnesium salt baths or showers can be beneficial.

Please book online at for sessions with:

BSc First Class Hons Complementary Therapies for Healthcare; MSc Distinction Psychology, Four Winds Society HLB and Masters Classes Graduate, ACT for Chronic Pain, ACT for motivation, ACT for Supervision, DBT Skills certification, Certificate in Trust and Conflict Transformation, Certificate in Child Welfare.

Further information on the background of these practices can be found here:


Let’s Work Together

You can get in touch through here or book directly online  so we can start working together.

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