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Health and well-being are among the most precious resources on this earth. 

We offer holistic health practices to support your health and wellbeing online, at events worldwide and in Wrecsam.

Our services

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Julia Fakhar, 
Julia Fakhar Holistics

After meeting Katie (Katherine) & Brian at wellbeing events, and attending one of Katie's workshops, I asked whether they'd like to take part in a wellbeing fundraising event I was organising at my workplace. They were happy to give up their time and offer taster treatments to employees in a corporate environment. The employees receiving the treatments made donations to The Christie where a colleague was treated last year. The feedback from everyone who met them and received treatments from them was fantastic. Everyone involved in organising the event are so appreciative of their generosity in giving their energy, time and sharing their talents.

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Karen Williams, KIM Inspire

Thank you so very much for coming along to KIM inspire, today Katie. It was a pleasure to meet you. The feedback from the meditation was brilliant. For myself I always find it very hard to meditate, my mind races from one thought to the next. But I found it very easy to keep coming back with your guidance. The rest of the group had very similar views, we all really enjoyed it. One lady even felt she would be able to use the breathing technique in stressful situations in the futire. I can't wait to see you in the new year and I'd love to look at maybe doing another session. We are all extremely grateful for your time, you're a pleasure to be around. Thank you x


June Meagher. 
AAMAR Healing

I have had treatments from Katie and she is such a beautiful woman with a pure heart and you feel very safe to be around. I know anything I say will remain confidential and trust her implicitly. She comes from a heart of love and compassion and an inner knowing that makes me thankful to have her in my life. I certainly have not hesitation in and thoroughly recommend Katie.

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Leah Dacey

I had some inner work yesterday and it totally blew my mind. A lot of things came up for me and it felt really good to leave them in the past and move on from them. Thank you so much for helping me. If anyone was thing about having the treatment I can highly recommend it, you’ll walk out with a spring in your step afterwards.


Dylan McCabe,  

I have attended quite of few of Katie's drum circles and meditations and have always really enjoyed them. They are powerful and good fun! I have also experienced an Innerwork session with Katie and found it to be very helpful and insightful. Also... my mother had a massage with Katie at a local MBS event and felt very relaxed afterwards. The pain in her back also lessened considerably. Overall, amazing events and services offered :)


Mark McKay

Having suffered through back pain for a number of years I’m at a point I know how to painfully move around and that it’ll take 2-3 weeks of pure pain until I recover. This time my partner booked me in and I have to say it was such a relief to being relieved of the pain in the same day and for my back to be back to normal(no silly or sudden movements) and targeted stretching to maintain it. Get yourself booked in, stop suffering and let them work their magic on you!

Would you like to know more? You can Whatsapp/Telegram 07472266952 and contact us through here:

Thank you!

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