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Katherine (BSc First Class Honours Complementary Healthcare graduate and Four Winds Society graduate) created Creuynni to offer support for physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Katherine works as an awenydd and complementary healthcare practitioner. Coming from a depth of training and experience from working to improve her own health from years of post-operative bedbound writhing nerve pain to where she is now. Assisting others from around the world improve their health and wellbeing; Katherine blends ancient and more recent practices with the common sense of her own experiences.

Working with other practitioners such as partner Brian Cervera from sister organisation Massage Wrexham, Katherine aims for Creuynni to offer valuable self-health management assistance to those that choose to actively engage in maintaining and improving health.

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'I do not bestow grace on anyone. I just hold sacred space to allow that to occur'

Don Jicaram


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